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Invisalign Braces | Clear Braces | Invisible Braces | Gympie

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Channon Lawrence Dental in Gympie are the best dentists in the Gympie area to take care of your crooked teeth. We love straightening teeth, and we have years experience using Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Braces & Invisalign | Channon Lawrence Dental | Gympie Dentist
Braces & Invisalign | Channon Lawrence Dental | Gympie Dentist

Invisalign® is a form of braces that uses clear tray aligners to straighten your teeth. It's made of solid plastic that applies enough pressure to gently move your teeth over time.

Doesn't matter what you call them, braces, aligners, retainers... you want to straighten your teeth without having metal wires.

We totally get it.

These invisible braces are made to fit your mouth and teeth. As you progress and your teeth start moving, you keep progressing through a series of aligners until you reach your dental goal.

Invisalign® is the virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth and improve your smile without the need for fixed braces. This is the perfect solution for self conscious people who don't want to draw attention to their dental problems. Straightening your teeth has never been so easy.

Braces & Invisalign | Channon Lawrence Dental | Gympie Dentist
Braces & Invisalign | Channon Lawrence Dental | Gympie Dentist

What is the cost of Invisalign ® 2021?

We often get asked "how expensive is Invisalign®".

There is no one answer to this question. It really depends on a lot of things, it's kinda like "How long is a piece of string".

Everyone's mouth and teeth are so very different.

What we can tell you is this -

  • At Channon Lawrence Dental we offer fair prices and excellent quality on all of our services;

  • We can give you an idea of cost in your free first appointment;

  • Invisalign® prices are similar to regular wire braces;

  • We know that we have helped thousands of dental patients straighten their teeth and leave with huge smiles.

  • Our patients are a lot less self conscious and feel happy and confident while they straighten their teeth - priceless;

We encourage you to come and talk to us (for free) about whether Invisalign® will suit you and get you the straight teeth that you want.

Do you offer dental payment plans?

Yes, absolutely.

We have many dental patients who needs some assistance paying for their dental services. We love working with Humm - Interest Free Dental - Click Here to find out more.

How quickly do teeth move with Invisalign® ?

We love this question and get asked it a lot. Like the costs, it really does vary and depends completely on each individual case.

A series of custom made clear aligners are produced for each individual client. Each aligner is worn for roughly two weeks before be replaced by the next aligner until the desired position is achieved.

It depends on what issue we are trying to correct and the complexity of the problem. Braces have been known to be worn for as little as 6 months to as long as 2 ½ years.

We can give you a clearer time guide during your free consultation.

What is the best age to get Invisalign® ?

There is no real "best age".

If we see there is an issue presenting with your child's teeth, we will recommend orthodontic braces or invisalign to help with this problem.

We know there is a lot of questions when it comes to your children's teeth and trying to make the decision about whether to have traditional wire braces or invisible, clear braces.

Invisalign have a super handy Must Ask Question sheet for you to take to your first appointment.

Download Invisalign Must Ask Question Sheet for your first appointment

Download • 291KB

We hope that this has answered some of your questions! We know that there is a lot to think about and we would love to meet with you and discuss you or your child's needs!

Call and make your appointment with Dr Mark Cull - 07 5482 7688

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