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Gympie Dentist believes in a
holistic approach to your oral health

Holistic Dentistry

Our belief at Channon Lawrence Dental is that the practice of dentistry is most effective for our patients when working with the body as a whole as opposed to treating the mouth in isolation.

We take a holistic approach and embrace the principals of Functional Dentistry. 

"We never place amalgam in the mouth and we remove old fillings safely." Dr Mark - Lead Clinician

Dr Mark Cull | Gympie Dentist | Channon Lawrence Dental


Disease in the mouth can lead to disease in the body.

Disease in the mouth is not just limited to cavities (holes) and gingivitis (gum disease). The human microbiome begins in the mouth and continues through your digestive system.  

Disease in the mouth is also associated with increased risk of:

  • heart disease

  • rheumatoid arthritis

  • diabetes

  • cancers of the head, neck and oesophagus.

We listen, observe and advise.

Along with an in-depth analysis of the your oral health, we review the function of your airways, breathing patterns, sleep behaviours, nutrition and general well being.

We listen to your history and work with your practitioner to support you to optimal health and refer you if needed for such things as sleep studies. 

Holistic Dentistry | Gympie | Channon Lawrence Dental


Old black or grey filling?

Dental amalgam is a liquid mercury and metal alloy mixture commonly used to fill cavities caused by tooth decay. There have long been concerns about the use of amalgam given one of its components is mercury, a potentially toxic metal.

Our Dentists do not use amalgam fillings. 

At Channon Lawrence Dental we have never used amalgam as a filling material and offer a safe way of removing any amalgam fillings you may currently have.

Air Filtration to keep you safe.

During amalgam removal, the aerosols generated have long been a concern to dentists and health professionals. We use the IQAir Dental Pro air cleaning system, which cleans the air during amalgam removal by constantly drawing in polluted air and exhausting filtered air back to the room. It contains high-efficiency particulate filters, as well as substantial gas-phase filters for mercury vapours, disinfectants and volatile organic compounds. This system complements the Channon Lawrence Dental best practice technique of tooth isolation using rubber dam during all amalgam removal procedures.


We have BPA free products, if you are interested in these please ask our staff when booking.

Rest assured you will receive the highest level of clinical care in an environment that is as environmentally safe as can be made at this time for amalgam removal.

Amalgam Removal | Channon Lawrence Dental | Gympie Dentist
Amalgam Filling | Dentist in Gympie | Holistic Dentistry


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