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Customised Mouthguards for your
individual protection. 

For the best protection!

Bespoke custom-fitted mouthguards provide your best protection against damage in the event of an injury. 

Mouthguards keep you from biting your tongue, smashing your teeth together and potentially chipping or breaking teeth when playing sport. 


Calling all sports player - big or small. 

At Channon Lawrence Dental, we recommend mouthguards for active children and adults, especially those who participate in sports such as boxing, soccer, hockey and football, as sports is one of the most common causes of dental injury.

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Protection for precious teeth.

Custom-made mouthguards are designed to protect your mouth and teeth from injury when playing sports. These differ from mouth-formed and ready-made over the counter products - the one size fits all approach.


Advantages of custom-made:

Custom-made are an exact fit to your mouth, to lessen the impact when balls, elbows, knees or anything else makes contact with your teeth or jaw.

Made in-house for you. 

Bespoke custom-fitted mouthguards provide your best protection against damage in the event of an injury.

We construct this mouthguard directly from a mould taken from your teeth.

As these mouthguards are personally customised for you, the fit is snug, much more comfortable and most effective in preventing injuries to your teeth.

Off-the-shelf, less effective and not as comfortable. 

Custom-made mouthguards are proven to be very effective at protecting your mouth and minimising injury while playing sports, especially contact sports. Providing a snug fit to your mouth, the material helps to reduce the force that may be caused by direct impact. Off-the-shelf, ready-made commercial mouthguards don’t offer the same amount of protection and are not as comfortable or retentive.


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