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Dr Mark Cull | The Best Gympie Dentist

This is Dr. Mark Cull, The Best Dentist in Gympie, Channon Lawrence Dental
Dr Mark Cull | Gympie's Best Dentist

Are you looking for a friendly, trustworthy, highly-credible, extremely experienced and very educated dentist in Gympie?

Well, look no further because Dr. Mark Cull is the one!

Our smile and our teeth are an important part of who we are and how we feel about ourselves. It also affects how we eat, how we speak, and of course, our confidence. So, finding the right dentist to take care of your teeth and overall oral health is essential.

Who is Dr Mark Cull?

Dr. Mark Cull is the Lead Dentist in Channon Lawrence Dental Clinic in Gympie.

He has extensive knowledge and experience in dentistry, particularly in orthodontics and dental implants. Here are just some of his qualifications:

☑️ Dr Mark studied and learnt from the best in America. (He doesn't tell many people this, but he didn't just complete his Master Clinician in Implants course, he topped the class).

AND... he didn't just top the Australian students, he was the top of the class worldwide.

☑️ Dr Mark Cull has been in the dental industry for over 41 years and he has over 30 years of practice.

☑️ He spent over 16 years performing dental implants and 11 years treating patients with crooked teeth using metal braces and Invisalign

☑️ Dr Mark continues to expand his dental knowledge and skills in all aspects of dentistry. His most recent academic achievement has been graduating from the Global Institute of Dental Implants (top student in the world) and Loma Linda University with top-class Honours. Aside from that, he’s also taking up Graduate Diploma in Dental Implantology to make sure that he’s up-to-date with all the implant technology available.

Such jaw-dropping qualifications right? That’s why Dr Mark Cull is trustworthy and highly credible in his dental work. And, on top of his skills and qualifications, he is a really lovely persona and all of his patients love him so much!!

Mark continues to be as popular with his patients as ever. The downside of being very good and very popular is that it's sometimes hard to get into to see him as soon as you would like! But the slightly longer than normal wait times shows you just how people choose him when it comes to their dental care, because he’s really good with what he does. Dr Mark is worth the wait!!

And, don’t worry about him being booked up. If you have an emergency and Dr. Mark is the right person for the job, then just give us a call and we will fit you in.

What do Our Dental Patients Say About Dr. Mark?

💬 “The BEST holistic dental experience. Dr Mark and his team have provided our family with excellent dental health and beautiful smiles. The whole experience at Channon and Lawrence is patient-centred, including the lovely, friendly reception staff, dental technicians and Dr Mark. I highly recommend it. “ -Rachel P.

💬 “Fantastic work from the whole team at Channon and Lawrence Dental. Cannot thank Dr Mark enough for making this process with Kane's teeth as easy to navigate as possible. It was fantastic to see the end result. We couldn't be happier with the friendly service, level of care and professionalism that Channon and Lawrence have provided every step of the way. Thank you again for everything” -Damian S.

💬 “Wonderful friendly, caring staff. Dr Mark explained every step and gave us plenty of options. Definitely recommend Dr. Mark.” -Leonie T.

💬 “Dr Mark Cull saw my son who was immediately impressed/relieved with his kind and caring manner. He followed up post-appointment. Reception staff were an absolute pleasure to deal with. They did everything to resolve the dental issue/pain. Great team.” -Brooke S.

10 Things About Channon Lawrence Dental That Our Customers LOVE!

You should visit Channon Lawrence not just because of Dr. Mark Cull, but also because they have the best customer service! (read our many five star google reviews) They will really do everything to make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and valued!

Here are 10 things about our practice that our customers absolutely LOVE!!

  1. You will be provided with a written plan outlining the recommended treatment required, prior to any ongoing treatments.

  2. You can listen to your music while you're getting your treatment.

  3. You can have neck cushions, lip balms & refresher towels during your dental treatments.

  4. We work with you to ensure we complete work within your budget.

  5. You wait in a reception room that does not feel like a dentist's surgery.

  6. You can have free coffee, tea, and drinks.

  7. We have really really friendly, helpful staff who love looking after you.

  8. You get to have scans in house, with our top of line Xray & Imaging machines

  9. We take special care of people who hate going to the dentist (in fact, we make sure they want to come back).

  10. You have payment options including Afterpay and Hummm.

You’re In Good Hands With Dr. Mark

Dr. Mark, our local Gympie dentist, will be happy to welcome you to our clinic and talk you through your dental problems.

If want the best dentist in Gympie, please give us a phone call and let Dr. Mark Cull look after all your dental needs.

These are our opening hours:

Opening Hours

Monday: 8AM - 6:30PM

Tuesday: 7:30AM - 5:30PM

Wednesday: 7:30AM - 6:30PM

Thursday: 7:30AM - 5:30PM

Friday: 7.30AM - 5PM


Call and speak to our lovely staff - 07 5482 7688

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