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Dr Mark Cull | Dental Implants Gympie | Channon Lawrence Dental

Updated: Apr 3

Dr Mark Cull is a local Gympie dentist with over 16 years experience placing implants. That's hands on experience...

Dr Mark Cull | Gympie Implant Dentist | Channon Lawrence Dental | Gympie Dentist
Dr Mark Cull, Gympie Implant Dentist

Gympie locals probably don't realise how fortunate they are that they have a such an experienced and knowledgeable implant dentist.

Dr Mark Cull has been in dental for over 41 years.

Dr Cull, is so experienced and respected in the dental industry that he mentors and teaches other dentists how to plan, prepare and place dental implants. He is well known and respected by his dental peers for his experience and studies.

If you are thinking of getting a single implant tooth or a full implant restoration, we recommend asking two very important questions:

1. How long has the dentist/specialist been placing implants?; and

2. How often do they practice implant surgery?

Dr Mark does it frequently, and he has been at the forefront of Implant dentistry since 2006. In fact Mark studied and learnt from the best in America. (He doesn't tell many people this, but he didn't just complete his Master Clinician in Implants course, he topped the class).

AND... he didn't just top the Australian students, he was the top of the class worldwide.

The technology and the studying doesn't stop, Mark is constantly upskilling and studying.

If you chose Dr Mark to put in your implants, you can feel good knowing that you are in the best hands!

It's not a quick or easy decision to get dental implants and we know that this process can be intimidating for a lot of people. Especially if you don't even know what implants are!

If you feel like you need to learn more about implants then we have a great video that explains it.

If you are thinking of replacing a tooth with a dental implant, please speak to Dr Mark Cull.

Call Channon Lawrence Dental on (07) 5482 7688 or click our contact page HERE

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