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Invisalign | Clear Teeth Straighteners | Invisible Braces

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

No Wires. No Braces. We can straighten your teeth with clear aligners Invisalign®

Invisalign ® Gympie | Invisible Braces Gympie
Invisalign ® Invisible braces. Clear aligners that straighten your teeth

We love straightening teeth. Dr Mark Cull and Dr Branka Starcevic have been fixing Gympie smiles for many years.

People often think of teenagers and braces, but we can tell you that we see a lot of middle aged female patients who have decided it's time to fix their smile!

Feel like you're too old to have braces?

Maybe you're worried about how you'd look with traditional metal braces?

It doesn't matter if you a teenager or in your 40's, we understand that how you look and feel matters.

Invisalign® allows you to straighten your teeth without effecting how you look.

Now is the best time to book your FREE consult.

We are have a great offer available to you:



1. 500 Voucher toward your Invisalign Treatment

2. Comprehensive Smile Assessment

3. Interactive, 3D Smile Simulation

4. Fully Customised Treatment Plan

BONUS: Custom-made, at-home Teeth Whitening Kit

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Invisalign Frequently Asked Questions:

How do Invisalign ® Clear Aligners work?

Invisalign® treatment uses a series of clear plastic removable orthodontic aligners to gently move your teeth in small increments. For the best results, Invisalign clear aligners are to be worn 20 to 22 hours a day.

Each aligner is slightly different, you’ll wear a set of aligners for one to two weeks or as prescribed by your dentist, before moving onto the next set. These clear braces gradually move your teeth. moving them into the desired position.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost in Australia 2021?

We get asked this a lot, and you're probably going to roll your eyes when we say that we can't give you a price on what it will cost because every single mouth on this earth is unique. We just won't know until we see you and your situation.

What we can tell you is that prices generally start from around $7,500.

If you are interested, you really should book a consult with Dr Mark Cull at Channon Lawrence Dental.

We often hear out patient's say that they wished they enquired sooner!

What is the cost of Invisalign® ?

The prices of Invisalign treatments vary greatly. We take into consideration two main things when pricing your Invisalign braces:

  • The complexity of your case

  • How long you are in treatment

We accept a wide range of payment methods and have plenty of flexible pay later finance options including Afterpay and 18 months Interest-Free*.

Is Invisalign Worth It?

Yes. Absolutely yes! Our patient's really love the invisible braces - there are lot of benefits in comparison to traditional braces.

We don't sell or provide dental services that we don't love.

The feedback from our patients is overwhelmingly positive when it comes to Invisalign. We have great success and patients love the treatment.

Call to Book Your Free Invisalign Appointment - 07 5482 7688

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